Nursing Jobs in Dubai – Healthcare Careers in the UAE

Opportunities for career growth and development in many industries, including the healthcare sector, abound in Dubai, probably the most popular destination in the Middle East for those purposes among many people from all over the world. The city and most of the region is in the midst of explosive growth, and as a result there are numerous job openings available there, a great many of them offered multinational companies. It’s no wonder then that many people are looking for nursing jobs in Dubai and the like to enrich their professional experience.

There is a plethora of settings for nurses who are considering working in Dubai. Hospitals, of course, are in need of nurses for their various departments: emergency room, intensive care, pediatrics, etc., as well as nursing directors and managers. Medical professionals with individual practices, such as dentists, employ nurses with the appropriate background and experience. Outside of hospitals, it isn’t impossible for a foreign nurse to find employment among the many international companies with a presence in Dubai. One can work as a company nurse, a school nurse, or as a private nurse.

Another reason for the popularity of Dubai among foreign health industry workers and other professionals concerns remuneration. Salary packages and associated benefits are usually very attractive, with employers usually including paid leave as well as associated transportation costs in the job contract. In a number of cases, accommodations are also provided for free.

A nurse can find not only personal fulfillment from doing his or her job well, but enjoy working in a modern yet culturally diverse city such as Duba