The Ultimate Health Tourism Experience with Pars Med Travel


Health tourism is a branch of tourism in which a person travels from his country to another country to use medical facilities, treatment services or natural resources that have healing properties. In the meantime, the natural tourist attractions of the destination country will not be left out. This service can be a cosmetic surgery, an advanced surgery such as knee replacement or even the use of hot springs. Pars Med Travel Company is known as one of the pioneers of this field in Iran with a brilliant history in the health tourism industry. By providing a full range of travel and medical services, this company creates a unique and comfortable trip for health tourism applicants.

What Countries Do Health Tourists Travel To?

The countries of the American continent have stolen the lead from the rest. Brazil, Panama, Mexico and Costa Rica are among the countries of the American continent that are visited Health Tourists. In Asia, India, Taiwan and Singapore are the main tourist destinations.

Asian Countries That Are Health Tourism Are:

India is one of the main destinations for Health Tourists in Asia. India is not only a strange country, but it is also one of the pioneers and most successful in health tourism, and those looking for heart surgery or bone transplant consider this country as a great destination for them.

Taiwan is one of the successful countries in Asia in attracting health tourism. The low cost of treatment in addition to the high quality of services provided, skilled doctors, ease of travel to this country, as well as a friendly and warm environment for visitors, are among the advantages of this country for Health Tourists.

Soon, Singapore was able to overtake its competitors in a vast continent. The quality of medical services in this country is evaluated at an excellent level. This country is the leader of the old continent with 9 hospitals and two internationally recognized medical centers.

Where Is Iran’s Position In Health Tourism?

In recent years, Iran has taken good steps in attracting Health Tourists, benefiting from natural resources and skilled doctors have greatly contributed to the growth of this industry. Pars Med Travel’s Procedures has provided valuable services in promoting Iran’s position in health tourism, including:

Travel services: including obtaining a visa, booking plane and hotel tickets, airport transfer, sightseeing, etc.

Medical services: including introducing and coordinating with the best hospitals, clinics and specialist doctors in Iran and around the world, providing free medical advice, translating medical documents, following up on insurance matters, etc.

Welfare services: including the provision of SIM card services, internet, Persian language guides, banking services, etc. Also, this institution is active in the following fields:

Cosmetic surgeries: including nose surgery, face lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, slimming surgeries, etc.

Infertility treatments:including IVF, IUI, laparoscopy, microscopy, etc.

Organ transplant: including kidney, liver, bone marrow transplant.

Dental treatments: including implants, orthodontics, laminates, etc.

Other services: including full medical checkup, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, laser therapy, etc.

Iran’s natural attractions that Pars Med Travel suggests:

Hot Springs And Mineral Waters

Sarein hot spring: It is rare to see anyone who has traveled to Ardabil province and has not visited Sarein hot springs. Sarein is a city 25 km away from Ardabil, which has the springs of Gomish Goli, Kaffa Sui, Sari Sui and so on. The water that boils from these springs is 30 to 50 degrees Celsius.Besides these springs, there are several hydrotherapy complexes, natural baths and cold water pools.

Genu hot spring: is located 34 kilometers northeast of Bandar Abbas. On the side of the road from Bandar Abbas to Sirjan, there is a side paved road to access this spring.

Kharghan hot spring: (Arshiya) is located at a distance of 95 km from Qazvin, next to the communication road from Qazvin to Hamadan. Arshia spring water comes out from the carbonate sediments that are placed on the limestone formations of the Eocene period.

Isti Bolagh hot spring: as its name suggests, has hot water with therapeutic properties and mineral salts. This spring is located 4 kilometers east of Maragheh and 400 meters west of Lower Tazkand village.

Salt Domes

Salt domes are ridges that are created the movement of salt up and down. Breathing in the space of these domes can be effective in treating diseases such as bronchitis, heart diseases, hypothyroidism, etc. due to the presence of elements such as magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. Some of the most important of these salt attractions are:

Jashak Salt Dome: at the southern tip of the Zagros mountain range, the border between Deir and Dashti in Bushehr province.

Konarsiah Salt Dome: is 90 km southeast of Shiraz and 20 km southwest of Firozabad city.

Mother Salt Dome: Hormozgan Darges, 95 km north of Bandar Abbas city.

Nahand Salt Dome: is 10 kilometers northwest of Tashe Kand village and southwest of Nahand village, located in West Azarbaijan province.

Unnatural Attractions

But it is not only the natural resources and attractions that lead Health Tourists to other countries. The medical equipment and facilities and expert and skilled doctors offered to you Pars Med Travel can be a good reason for those who seek to benefit from these facilities at a much lower cost than in their own country. From this point of view, Pars Med Travel in Iran is an ideal destination for wellness tourists and has high capabilities in the fields of infertility treatment, stem cells, dialysis, heart surgery, cosmetic surgeries and ophthalmology.

As the beating heart of Iran, Tehran has international doctors and well-equipped hospitals that provide facilities such as hotels, restaurants and cafes for their clients.

Mashhad: is one of the major health tourism destinations in West Asia and the Middle East. Mashhad hospitals are among the best hospitals in the region, while most private hospitals also have international standards. Low treatment costs, expert and skilled doctors, along with natural attractions, are among the reasons for attracting tourists to this city.

Shiraz: Another major tourist destination in Iran is the pleasant city of Shiraz. For Health Tourists who travel to this city, both its natural attractions are tempting, as well as equipped medical facilities with lower costs and expert and skilled doctors.

Kish Island: With more than one million tourists per year, Kish is considered one of the most desirable places for tourists.

Yazd: The desert city of Yazd has emerged as one of the hubs of health tourism in Iran in recent years.

Isfahan: Isfahan is the cultural capital of the Islamic world

Choosing Pars Med Travel:

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