We Need a Global Consortium For Dubai Brain Fitness and Training Innovation

The World Economic Forum asked me to put in writing “an 800 words precis of your maximum compelling actionable concept at the demanding situations of getting old and gerontology”, in education for the Inaugural Summit of the Global Agenda taking area November 7 to 9th in Dubai.

Here you have my notion to create a Global Consortium for Brain Fitness and Training Innovation and help make certain that “No Brain is Left Behind”:

I. The Context

– Growing Demands on Our Brains: Picture 6.7 billion Primitive Brains inhabiting a Knowledge Society in which lifelong studying and getting to know steady exchange in complex environments are vital for effective paintings, health and personal success.

Welcome to Planet Earth, 2008.

– Further stretched using extended durability: Now picture near 1 billion of these brains over the age of 60 – and please consider that, much less than a hundred years in the past, existence expectancy turned into among 30 to forty years. The hastily evolving Knowledge Society is setting new and extensive needs on our “primitive” human brains. And the longer our lifespans, the extra obvious the “cognitive gap”. Hence, from a health point of view, the developing incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease and its precursor Mild Cognitive Impairment. And, from a administrative center factor of view, the perception that older people cannot learn new hints, and are to be substituted way of more youthful personnel as quickly as sensible.

– Significance of lifelong neuroplasticity: The desirable information is that important mind studies is showing how our brains retain lifelong neuroplasticity (the capacity of our brains to rewire themselves responding to experience), how they are able to bodily be reinforced -thru the Cognitive/ Brain Reserve- and its features better, opening the manner to gradual-down if not reverse the cognitive decline that regularly comes with age. Use it and Improve It can be more correct than Use It or Lose It, and help near the developing cognitive hole. Humans can come to be the gardeners of our personal brains through that specialize in four pillars: a balanced weight loss program, cardiovascular physical workout, strain management and mind workout that includes nicely-directed novelty, variety and venture.